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U-fly Safaris



Whether you are a group of twenty or flying solo, wanting to self-pilot a single engine aircraft or sit back and enjoy your view from a magnificent vintage DC 3, we are here to satisfy any desires that your adventurous soul craves for!


Explore South Africa’s most beautiful wilderness spots by the sea and in the South African bush.


Named “Izulu” meaning “heavenly sky”…this route is going to exceed even the highest expectations.

Feel Africa...

Africa, the cradle of humankind, home to the oldest human-like fossils and a world as diverse as its people. Africa is a continent of spectacular wildlife, exotic fauna, dramatic landscapes and welcoming people. Africa represents a world that is unique, untamed and unspoilt. We must embrace, explore, appreciate and protect nature and our environment.

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To truly understand Africa, you need to experience it...


Planning an itinerary according to a tight schedule means that you are often unable to truly appreciate all that Africa has to offer. Have you ever dreamed of living life exactly on your own time by your own rules? You should consider an African self-fly option.  Self-fly gives you the opportunity and freedom to plan your own routes, times and adventures in safe serviced aircraft backed by the full support of professional guides. U-Fly Safaris offers you a chance to enjoy Southern Africa’s diversity in a truly unique way, visiting destinations you want to see at your own pace.


U-Fly African Flying Safaris is dedicated to aeronautical adventure and exploring  Africa’s beauty, diversity and uniqueness. Well maintained planes backed by an enthusiastic team of people who are professional, devoted to quality and care, and committed to excellence, U-Fly will get you to your destination safely. You do not just venture through Africa, with U-fly you will live an African ad-venture!

Flying safari's

U-Fly Safaris are here to give your ideal African flying safari. Whether you are a pilot or not, we can organise your African adventure to suit your individual needs. U-Fly Safaris caters for both groups and individuals. We can organise guides or pilots to accompany you, suggest routes and supply any aircraft and all necessary equipment to your satisfaction. All you need do is imagine it!



There is nothing like a good nights sleep after an overwhelmingly exciting day under the African sun. We will take good care in organizing accommodation that is just as unforgettable as the rest of your adventure. This is why we at U-Fly Safari's have partnered with the Wilderness group, so that wherever possible, you will be staying in their spectacular game lodges or bush camps.