U-Fly Safaris

U-fly Safaris



Whether you are a group of twenty or flying solo, wanting to self-pilot a single engine aircraft or sit back and enjoy your view from a magnificent vintage DC 3, we are here to satisfy any desires that your adventurous soul craves for!


Explore South Africa’s most beautiful wilderness spots by the sea and in the South African bush.


Named “Izulu” meaning “heavenly sky”…this route is going to exceed even the highest expectations.

About U-Fly

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Why fly with us?

U-FLY has everything "in-house", we do not outsource skills and services so you are always guaranteed the best quality service, maintained equipment and a wealth of knowledge and experience.



Aircraft fleet

U-Fly own and operate our own aircraft fleet. We have a large fleet so you can rest assured that our planes are always available and always in immaculate condition.




Your safety is of the utmost importance to us and we believe that solid maintenance is essential. Nikola Puhaca the owner of U Fly is also an aeronautical engineer who looks after all aircraft and ensures that they are always in excellent condition. His maintenance company, SKYTECH AVIATION will be available to provide 24 hour technical support. We can proudly say that we are the only self-flying safari company that can offer that kind of service to their clients.



Validations & training

All validations and training are done within the U-FLY Training Academy itself. This speeds up the process because we always have instructors available for validations and training.
Flight training is our business and our passion. That is the reason why all the instructors are permanent staff of the U-FLY Training Academy providing both convenience and confidence, setting a high standard of flight training.