U-Fly Safaris

U-fly Safaris



Whether you are a group of twenty or flying solo, wanting to self-pilot a single engine aircraft or sit back and enjoy your view from a magnificent vintage DC 3, we are here to satisfy any desires that your adventurous soul craves for!


Explore South Africa’s most beautiful wilderness spots by the sea and in the South African bush.


Named “Izulu” meaning “heavenly sky”…this route is going to exceed even the highest expectations.

Flying in SA

Our lecturers will equip you with sufficient knowledge and useful tips for safe flying around southern Africa, as well as the differences between our airspace communication and other countires'.

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Flight Validations


We have our own training academy that takes care of your license validation. Our validation process - in conjunction with The South African Civil Aviation Authority - starts weeks before your arrival, as soon as we receive the necessary paperwork. You will only be able to fly locally registered aircraft of the same type that you have logged as pilot in command and you will need to submit a copy of your log book as part of the validation process prior to your arrival.


On arrival we will assist you with thorough guidance to study and write your air law exam. Simultaneous to your introduction to the specifics of flying in Southern Africa and its airspaces, you will be required to start flying and undergoing a detailed check flight with one of our highly qualified instructors. We will also provide lectures by local air traffic controllers who will point out important differences between our airspace communication and other countries. Lecturers will also equip you with sufficient knowledge and useful tips for safe flying around southern Africa.

  • The validation training takes between 2 and 4 days depending on the level of your proficiency and skill.
  • After passing the validation test you will be able to fly VFR locally registered aircraft during the day only.

NB: Please ensure that your flying skills are up to standard. The general level of flying skills in South Africa is remarkably high compared to many other countries. Our instructors are incredibly helpful, but they won’t validate you unless you can demonstrate a competent and safe level of flying ability. We want you to enjoy yourself but flying is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. If you are uncertain of your flying skills, we are more than happy to accommodate you earlier and provide the help you need to get up to the desired standard.